RBSConnect Controls Platform

Intelligent controls for optimization

Through the RBSConnect platform, Reading Bakery Systems provides the latest, innovative, custom designed control systems available.   RBS control systems are assembled in-house, and RBS handles every phase of the project from architecture, design, construction and management through installation and commissioning.

RBSConnect facilitates better communication, coordination of the operations and the ability to collect and analyze data. These systems allow you to monitor real-time information, as well as provide you with preventative maintenance information, key performance indicators, alarm history and trending. This information will help you replace parts and discover potential machine problems before they result in costly downtime.

The RBSConnect platform offers a full suite of innovative IIoT solutions that can take your system controls, optimization and management to the next level. Achieve tomorrow’s baking systems performance goals today.

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Features & Specifications

Value baked in

RBSConnect platform offers two service levels designed to serve various operational sizes and sophistication. The RBSConnect platform provides a full suite of IIoT capabilities baked in, that’s out of the box, with RBS equipment and systems. These intelligent capabilities help you reduce costs, improve product quality, and maximize line productivity. Better yet, companies with more unique or advanced requirements, can upgrade to RBSConnect 2.0 and RBS will customize a control system to meet your specific needs.

RBSConnect 1.0

The RBSConnect control system platform includes the following:

  • Process control dashboards                    
  • Alarm history and trending
  • Key performance indicators                    
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Preventive Maintenance             
  • Optional dual language               
  • Optional energy consumption meters
  • Optional secure VPN for remote troubleshooting

RBSConnect 2.0

The RBSConnect 2.0 control system platform includes all of the above capabilities as well as the following with customization available:

  • PC based system
  • Enhanced machine trending
  • Extended historical data
  • Line dashboard information
  • Access to equipment manuals, schematics and training videos.
  • Optional secure VPN for remote troubleshooting
  • Optional dual language
  • Optional data collection
  • Optional energy consumption meters

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RBS equipment is designed and built to our SafeShield Program standards to ensure operator safety, easy and quick sanitation and food safety.

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